Top Dog and Cat Food Brands your pet would love

We have a diverse product portfolio, from standard to ultra-premium, to meet a wide range of nutritional needs. Our formulas contain interesting flavors, colors and even shapes to enhance feeding performance, making it more appealing and appealing to dogs ( Signs your new cat is adjusting) and cats.

  • Nutritional excellence.Equilíbrio is a super premium pet food based on research and technology. We strive to improve pet’s quality of life by drawing on Science to produce the best pet food. Offering the latest and most sophisticated pet nutrition, Equilíbrio helps pets live long, recommending specific and therapeutic diets from the puppy’s first days, through adulthood. with the challenges of this stage through to old age, ensuring a healthy aging process.
  • Ganador is a brand that has high quality products for many different breeds and life cycle stages. Ganador is the bridge that helps us give all our love to our dogs with high quality nutrition .
  • Fulltrust, a premium formulation and Biotechnology applied in pet nutrition. Each ingredient is carefully selected to maximize the functional benefits for the dog.
  • Naturalis is our natural brand made with delicious ingredients, with no artificial colors and preservatives.
  • Life is much more meaningful with your pets with you every day, Max® is a complete line of premium specialty pet foods for dogs and cats; keep your best friend full of energy and you can enjoy every moment with them.
  • Dog Licious & Cat Licious is our most complete line of treats and snacks, with a wide range of textures, flavors;, rewarding or providing benefits like tartar control for dogs or Control the shine of your cat’s coat.
  • Packed in small packages, easy to carry; Your four-legged companion is sure to love our treats and snacks for any occasion!
  • A line of high-quality, nutritious products that help keep cats active, playful, healthy and smart. The product line is designed to meet every cat’s needs and preferences.

Today, dogs and cats are more than just pets, they are really important members of every family.

  • In the US, 95% of pet owners consider their pets to be members of the family.
  • Pet owners think of themselves as “pet parents”, not “pet owners”.
  • The trend of treating pets like humans has emerged in emerging markets while the number of pets being fed food specifically made for them is still low.
  • The trend of treating pets as people will lead to the trend of producing pet food like for humans, including healthy foods/foods.

We are active in rapidly growing pet markets, with products delivered to consumers and leading positions in strategic markets such as Brazil, Mexico, China and Southeast ASIAN. 

With dog foods that are usually not difficult to buy and find every day. As long as you pay attention to the dog’s diet , you can be assured of the dog’s nutrition. Through this, we also hope that, depending on the condition of each individual dog, you will have a way to choose and give the necessary foods along with a specific food. Leave your comment below to start a discussion.

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